Crayola’s Making Christmas Special

This Christmas, let’s give our kids some new twist on old classics, as well as a way to get more creative with their tablets, with Crayola. I’ve been a fan of Crayola products since I was a child. It’s the only brand I remember my mom buying me, and it’s the only brand that I buy for my children. I trust them wholeheartedly, and love the new products they have out as well as their classic crayons and markers, as well as their paints.

The first thing we ripped into was the Crayon Carver:

Crayola Crayon Carver

We all had our hands on this! Hubby was the first to use it, followed quickly by our girls.

Holiday Gift Guide Crayola Products

I love that it is simple enough for our four year old to use.

Holiday Gift Guide Crayola Products

They have some more great products that are on the shelves this holiday season:

The Easy Animation Studio

Make your own animations with the Crayola Easy Animation Studio. Using the included 30-page booklet, colour in characters and backgrounds, then scan them into the animation studio using the free Easy Animation Studio app. The app works with iOS and Android devices.
Holiday Gift Guide Crayola Products

Thread Wrapper

Add your own layer of style to what you already have! The motorized threading machine spins thread around your favourite art supplies, headphones, pens, hairbrushes, sunglasses, and more. You’ll love upcycling old gear and giving it a bold new colourful wrap.

Cling Creator

Easy for kids to create colorful custom clings in as little as 15 minutes. Completed clings can stick to flat, smooth surfaces like windows and mirrors and can be reused and reposition for endless decorating options. The included clay, molding tools, and colouring tubes let kids get creative. With refill packs available.

Holiday Gift Guide Crayola Products

Mess Free Colouring – Light-Up Stamper

Magical, Mess Free Stamping! Color Wonder inks are clear but the Mess Free Light-Up Stamper magically knows what colour you’re using! Press onto the purple ink pad and the handle lights up purple, perfect for the little creatives in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide Crayola Products