Q- Tip Painting – Easter Eggs

Sometimes changing one little thing makes something new and exciting again. Like painting. You can only paint so much, so often with a paint brush and then, you just get bored. I almost find I’m the same way with the holiday decorations. Each year I get more excited as my kids are getting more excited each year. Here is one way we are adding decorations this Easter.

Q- Tip Painting – Easter Eggs

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Just changing something like the painting tool changes everything. We’ve done some finger painting and painted with feathers in the past, and I’m sure we’ve used Q-tips too but I hadn’t shared it apparently… until today.

Q- Tip Painting - Easter Eggs

I have this template of nine Easter eggs that I printed out for my girls to decorate. The perfect Easter activity and decoration.

Q- Tip Painting - Easter Eggs

We had some special  Crayola Washable Glitter Paint, I am quite impressed with just how glittery it is! I only use Crayola products so that I know nothing is going to get ruined. An old egg carton is perfect for paint.

Q- Tip Painting - Easter Eggs

Q-Tips make the perfect dots. Lines. Makes them take a little longer to color something in fully – makes a 2 minute paint job last at least 4 minutes!

We have eggs that are full color, stripes, polka dots, zig zags, and repeat. No two are alike.

Q- Tip Painting - Easter Eggs

We’ve made a few Easter crafts this year including Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies and Cotton Tail Bunnies (coming tomorrow).

Painting with Q-Tips doesn’t require a template to paint. You don’t need paper to paint. If its warm outside take them and the paint out and test out painting on different surfaces, rough and smooth. Use water colors, or colored water. Get creative. Have fun. Be Messy.

What you do with your eggs is up to you! We have our on the cupboards surrounding the bunnies that we also made. They would make a great wreath as well.

Do you make decorations with your kids for the Easter holidays?

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