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Keeping a Clean House While Homeschooling

Keeping a clean house while homeschooling is a challenge, but keeping it thematically organized can make it easier for you to complete daily homemaking tasks. Try these tips to keep your house organized and streamline your routine. Keep your household tidier.

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Keeping a Clean House While Homeschooling

I hate that because we are home all day we are expected to have a spotless home. The problem is, we are home all day, we are living in our house, we are learning here. It makes for a very untidy home. We have art projects drying, science experiment spills, and math counting blocks out.

And don’t even get me started on the dishes because my kids eat a lot. The dishwasher is always running I swear.

It is not easy to keep on top of things once they start spinning out of control.

Involve your kids in the household and cleaning tasks.

One way to make your children more interested in keeping your home clean and tidy is to make them take part in your cleaning and housekeeping work. If they learn how to do some simple chores and help you with your household work, you will have less to do.

Your kids learn to become more responsible for their actions and start to keep clean and tidy their rooms.

Incorporate your cleaning and household work into your school day.

Organize your time and energy to make sure that your schedule allows time for cleaning duties and household tasks so that they are accomplished between homeschool-studying hours.

Help your children participate and encourage them to be part of tidying up. Give them some direction if they’re unable to find a chore to do, you’re likely to find that age-appropriate.

Create a chart with the chores which you need to do every day.

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This will organize your day and make you more focused. Specify the time for removing clutter, cleaning, and other household activities.

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Once in a while get your kids to help you with a deep clean to remove clutter that is building up in your home or homeschool room. Having an organized learning area can change the whole dynamic in your homeschool and clutter builds fast!

You can donate the items you don’t need to free space on the shelves. Or let your kids hold a yard sale.

Once you fall into a routine you can have a clean home while homeschooling. Making it part of your day, like starting a load of laundry after breakfast, it will become routine and something you do without really thinking about it.

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