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Chores & Allowance for Children

We have recently implemented a chores and allowance system in our house. Our girls have been doing chores for a little while but we hadn’t started the allowance mainly because we went sure what, or how, we were going to do it. But we have now figured out our chores and allowance for our children.

Chores & Allowance for Children

Chores & Allowance for Children

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We decided on an allowance cap: $5 a week. My girls earn gems for their chores at $0.25 each. They have to earn their gems, I’m not forking over my budgeted money for no reason.

We used gems to give them a visual representation of what they were getting, what they were earning. Keeping in mind that this is all age appropriate chores and allowance.

We are using mason jars to hold their gems, with scrapbook stickers for their names. The white retro milk bottle is where I have their gems stored. I bought that bottle because I love the look of with no idea what I was going to do with it.

age appropriate chores and allowance

How Much Allowance?

This is for you to decide. I cannot tell you how much your child should be getting for an allowance.

Chores & Allowance - Chores by Age

Chores for Allowance

Austin’s chores: vacuum, clear the table, feed the dog in the morning.

Brookland’s chores are: feed the kittens, feed the dog in the evening, and clear the table.

Here’s the thing with their chores. I’m not including things that they are expected to do anyways for themselves such as clean their room, fold and put their laundry away, and such. Those are things they have to do. Its for them, so I’m not giving out gems for them.

Pick and choose chores for your lifestyle and your family. Now as my kids have gotten older chores have changed. There is poop scooping, eggs to be collected, and other things that happen on a small acre.

What Happens with their Allowance?

Piggy bank. After a month, we’ll count it, and then they can choose to save half still in their piggy banks or spend it. The other half goes in their bank accounts to save.

I love that not only are they helping out around the house, but I also really like what they are learning.

What they are Learning Doing Chores? 

They are steadily build a strong work ethic, and developing the basic life skills. Kids doing chores helps them to feel contributing members of the family household. Research indicates that those children who do have a set of chores have higher self-esteem, are more responsible, and are better able to deal with frustration and delay gratification, all of which contribute to greater success in school.

The best part about them earning an allowance and how we are doing it, is what they’re learning from getting an allowance, like how to save money and carefully spend their money.

They are learning about bank interest – yes at 5 and 7 years old, when their bank statements come in the mail they open it and we talk about what is happening with their money sitting in the bank.

Printable Checklist

I made this printable for my kids. It saves me from asking “Did you clean here? Did you clean there?” I laminated it, so they can grab a dry erase marker and check off things they clean. I did call it “Mom Clean” because that is what I ask my kids. “Is it Mom clean?”

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