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Learning About Animals For Future Vets

Do you have kids interested in learning everything they can about animals as I do? You should definitely check out the resources below. Learning about animals for future vets, animal conservation officers, or other professions that work with animals.

Learning About Animals For Future Vets

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Learning About Animals For Future Vets

Animal Activities for Kids – Kids love animals, whether that is being around them, learning about them, or having fun with some of these animal activities. These are easy for parents and fun for kids.

Shark Buoyancy – Animal Science Experiment – Similar to when we were learning about how arctic animals stay warm. This shark buoyancy is another great animal science experiment for animal lovers.

Chicken Life Cycle for Kids – Over the past year we have learned a lot through raising chickens, things I never learned in school. Learn about the chicken life cycle with us, and your kids.

Learning About Animals – Animal Research – My almost 12-year-old is a big animal lover. She is always learning about animals on her own through the huge piles of books that she brings home from the library, through documentaries, and hands-on learning. These animal research papers are just what your child needs to gather everything they learn.

Curriculum and Book Suggestions

Veterinary Science Homeschool Curriculum – A lot of kids dream of becoming a vet when they get older. Adding in veterinary science seems like a no-brainer in your homeschool.

Veterinarian Books for Middle School – One interest in our home and possibly in yours as well, veterinarians. Here are some great veterinarian books for middle school learners.

Animal Science Curriculum for Homeschool – Animal science curriculum for your homeschooling might not be a one-and-done boxed curriculum idea but there are a lot of options for you and your child to learn from.

Learning About Arctic Animals

Arctic Animals – Science Experiment – What child isn’t wondering how arctic animals stay warm considering we make our kids wear layers of clothing in the winter and the animals just have fur.

Mini Unit Study on Arctic Animal – we love animals so focusing on homeschool lessons around animals is easy and welcoming, and something I know we’re all going to enjoy doing. This one is focusing on Antarctic and Arctic animals.

Arctic Animals Books for Kids – Arctic Animals books are a great way to learn about these great animals that live in such a cold, and far away place.

Arctic Animals

A Little Zoo Fun

Night Zookeeper for Multiple Ages – It’s not easy to find anything that all your kids will agree on, but I think we might be cured now with Night Zookeeper. Here is a web program that covers language arts and creativity.

Design Your Own Zoo – Design your own zoo is for your kids to use their imagination, learn more about animals, and put it all together in one fun project.

More About Veterinarians in Your Homeschool

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