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Design Your Own Zoo

I have creative kids, how about you? I have created kids who love animals. I created this with them in mind, and of course, I’m going to share it with you as well. Design your own zoo is for your kids to use their imagination, learn more about animals, and put it all together in one fun project.

Design Your Own Zoo

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Design Your Own Zoo

This is a straightforward real-life project for your kids to enjoy. You can set it up as a family project or as an individual project if your kids are anything like mine and more likely to fight than complete a project.

What You Get:

  • Congratulations page
  • Deciding on animals
  • Plan attractions and concession stands
  • Plan layout – area and perimeter of cages and more
  • Plan a playlist
  • Give glances of the finished zoo
  • Create promotional materials

How to Use this:

There are so many great ways to use this in your homeschool. We are starting off with Usborne World of Animals and making a list of all the animals we want in our zoo. You might want to start off by picking a theme for your zoo, animals of North America or Africa for example.

As your kids plan out the spacing for their animals they may realize they need to pair down their animal list.

What do animals need to be happy and healthy?

Plan out concession stands, and rest areas, gift shops, and more. This is for your kids to make their dream zoo. What is it they want to see and do when they visit the zoo?

Design Your Own Zoo

Maybe plan out a trip to a zoo near you. If you are unable there are a number of zoos that have been broadcasting animal live cams and more on their Facebook pages on websites to create a virtual zoo trip.

Final Project

I plan to buy some poster board for our final project and have them set out a Lego person-sized zoo. Fun and interactive in a way that interests them.

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