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Monogram Kids Craft

This is a simple craft for you and your kids to do. The best thing about this craft is that you probably already have everything you need at home in your craft cupboard. My kids loved making this monogram kids craft to hang in their rooms.

Monogram Kids Craft

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Gather up all the mismatched and leftover art supplies for this monogram kids craft. This is really a great craft for cleaning out your craft cupboard.

Monogram Kids Craft supplies

How to Make Monogram Kids Craft

The first thing you are going to need is a letter cut out of cardboard, a great way to use up some of those Amazon boxes. Or maybe even a good excuse to place an Amazon order because you need cardboard, I don’t know…

I recommend printing out a letter on paper. Tracing it onto your cardboard and then using a sharp box cutter to cut out the letter.

Once you have your supplies and letter cut out you are ready to make it your own.

Monogram Kids Craft - craft supplies and finished product with text overlay

Decorating Your Monogrammed Letter

Here is the fun part. Let your kids decorate their letter however they want! Me, I would just be wrapping it in a couple different colored of yarn, adding a little decoration to and calling it done. Kids decorations are a little more over top, more is best.

They can start by painting the letter, letting it dry before continuing. Or just jump right in and start gluing and taping things that speak to them onto their letters.

Let them have fun and express themselves creatively. This would be a great decoration for a bedroom wall and did their whole name.

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