Fun Summer Camp Crafts for Kids Ages 10+

Summer is just around the corner for all of us and we will be sticking close to home again this summer. But that just means we’ll be creating our own fun with crafts, games, and other summer camp-type fun, but in the comfort of our backyard. My kids are getting older so it’s important for me to find activities and fun summer camp crafts that interest them too, and aren’t too easy for those 10 and older.

20+ Fun Summer Camp Crafts

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Fun Summer Camp Crafts for Kids Ages 10+

Just because there are still public places closed all over the country, and summer camps and other recreational activities have been canceled doesn’t mean that your kids need to be sitting at home playing video games. Though if they are, know that I am not judging anyone, my kids spend their fair share of time on the computer, video games and/or watching TV.

Fun Summer Camp Crafts for Kids Ages 10+

What are you going to do to make memories with your kids this year? Just because things aren’t “normal” doesn’t mean that we can’t make the most of this time with our kids. As my children grow I realize just how short the time we have with them is. Fun summer camp crafts can be both something to help past the summer, something to keep your kids occupied, and they can be something you hang on to for memories done the road.

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