If you follow us on Instagram then it is no surprise that we love our chickens. Over the past year we have learned a lot through raising chickens, things I never learned in school. Learn about the chicken life cycle with us, and your kids.

Chicken Life Cycle for Kids

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Chicken Life Cycle for Kids

When we started raising chickens I knew nothing about them. Blake did all the reading and learn about what they required and how to give them the best so we could get eggs and meat from them.

Fast-forward six months and I was the one caring for them. And then teaching our kids everything I was learning about raising and caring for chickens.

Use this to learn about:

  • differences between hen and roosters
  • the life cycle of a chicken
  • freshness of eggs
  • parts of chickens

Chicken Lifecycle Book Recommendations

Life Cycle of a Chicken – In this book, readers will learn about the incredible transformation of an egg into a chicken. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage readers as they learn more about every incredible stage of the chicken’s life cycle.

Life Cycles Reading Set – Four short chapters, diagrams, maps, captions, a glossary, comprehension questions, and more. Learn about Butterfly, Frog, Horse, Ladybug, Chicken, and Sunflower.

Egg to Chicken – With this series children can explore some of the most interesting and important life cycles in the animal kingdom. With engaging language and innovative use of design, this series makes the science behind life cycles accessible to reluctant confident readers alike.

Chicken Life Cycle for Kids

Hands-On Learning Items

Realistic Animal Life Growth Cycle Biological Model Figure Toys – Realistic set of the life cycle of a chicken, which contains the 4 stages. Kids can see how a chicken change and grow. Realistic life cycles details showing different stages in the development of chickens.

Montessori Inspired Activity/ Chicken Life Cycle – Set of chicken lifecycle cards which have information on them about each stage, figure toys (same as listed above), activity sheet, and a drawstring bag for everything.

Flashcards Nomenclature Cards Editable Pdf Printable Cards – these beautiful cards that children can manipulate in order to internalize the information on the cards.

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