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Educational Advent Calendars for Christmas

I love advent calendars when I was a child and my own children love them just as much, if not more. There are so many different types of countdowns available now that it can be hard to pick on for your kids. Here are some fun, some educational advent calendars for Christmas that might interest you.

Fun and Educational Advent Calendars for Christmas

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Fun and Educational Advent Calendars for Christmas

Maybe they had some calendars available when I was a child, I don’t know, but I always had one of those thin chocolate countdowns.

My kids have had different styles throughout the years from those thin chocolate ones to Lego countdowns, to different types of chocolates and such. It’s something simple that we look forward to through December to help the time go a little faster for them.

Beauty Blast Advent Calendar – My girls would love this calendar! Beauty Blast is the ideal makeup gift for daughters, sisters, girlfriends, or anyone who loves high-quality beauty products.

Dinosaur Robot Racing Car Building Blocks – 4 building blocks, assembling into 2 fighting giant building block robots with one 6 in 1 giant.

Charm Bracelet Countdown – This advent calendar is a fun, festive way for your little ones to count down the days throughout Advent until Christmas Day. Make Christmas memory full of precious charms. Every day will be more expectable.

Christmas Fidget Advent Calendar – The Fidget advent calendar is a fun way for children to count down the days before Christmas and get some surprises every day with fun-filled games and hands-on activities.

Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar – This calendar will delight kids with 24 days of surprise gifts for an unboxing experience that will last all season long!

24 Magic Tricks for Kids – This unforgettable countdown to Christmas calendar is for kids who love magic and want to learn about the science behind it!

24 Days of Surprises with DIY Fluffy Slime Kit – Includes 9 scented fluffy slime and 15 accessories(candy toy molds, small animals, and fruit slices.

DIY Arts & Crafts Ornaments & Decorations – Not only provide your kids a daily arts & crafts activity for each day of the 24 days before Christmas, but it will also enrich your Christmas tree and Christmas table with a variety of 24 season ornaments proudly hand made by your kids.

Brain Teaser Puzzles – A new surprise every day to celebrate the coming of Christmas! This one features 24 different metal wire puzzles and plastic puzzles ball with different challenges for each one. Enjoy a perfect Christmas vacation by completing these challenges.

The Purple Cow Crazy Scientist Advent Calendar – A different experiment is hidden in each box and each day for science enthusiasts staying engaged with the game for hours.

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