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5 Lists for Your Homeschool That will Change It

Let’s get more organized with these lists for your homeschool. It’s not complicated, but they are could change your homeschool and simplify everything you are already doing if you give them a chance. There are things that can make our homeschool amazing, and there are things that can break our homeschool, these lists are going to be amazing.

5 Lists for Your Homeschool That will Change It

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5 Lists for Your Homeschool That will Change It

This fits with a homeschool minimalist life if that is something you do, or aspire to. Let’s change your homeschool into a well-run machine with just a few pieces of paper…. or files on your device.

I am not good at using my planner consistently anymore no matter how good my intentions. But I can make and keep track of lists, particularly those on post-it notes, like no one’s business.

Daily Assignment List

No more trying to figure out what is supposed to be getting done for the day for each of your kids. You could even go as far as to have a reusable list for each child, for each day of the week, which is more my style. We work best knowing what is happening each day, having that schedule of lessons keeps us all on track.

Grocery List

Keep a list of those things you run out right on your fridge! There is nothing worse than getting home from grocery shopping and realizing that you ran out of something important.

Maybe add a craft or school supply list too, because it seems like we are always running out of something. Or you need something special for an upcoming craft or science experiment.

Chore List for Kids

Do your kids have chores? Mine do! I am raising little people to be good, productive human beings, and doing chores is one part of that. They all have chores around the house, nothing horribly hard:

  • setting and clearing the table
  • folding putting away their own laundry
  • the litter box, dog poop scooping
  • loading and unloading the dishwasher

Having that divided up among three kids, they have hardly any chores when it comes down to it. My oldest now has her own flock of silkie chickens, and she is solely responsible for their care.

A “We Did It” List

Raise your hand if you’ve finished a school day and wondered what on earth you even accomplished that day. Yup, me too!

A while back I started a different kind of list. As we go through our day I write down what we have done. It doesn’t matter what it was. Went for a walk to check the mail? Write it down. Played a card game? Write it down.

Once you start writing these things down, you are going to be amazed at just how much you have gotten done in just one day! Even just jotting them down on a post-it note and placing them in a binder or planner later. This would be a great way to keep an easy log of everything you have accomplished through the school year.

planner, calculator, and coffee cup on a desk with text overlay

Periodic Log/List

I love keeping a periodic log of the things we do. I included this one because I keep our log-in list form. On field trips, we take educational outs of any kind. I do include the books that we read for school here too. But you can keep track of whatever you like to track in your log. (Sign up below for our email list and get my periodic log template for FREE!)

Bonus List:

Save yourself a little time and sanity for the future and start a list of curriculum somewhere you won’t lose it. This could be a list of the curriculum you currently use, what level you are using, and where you bought it. You can keep track of the curriculum that you might want to use in the future that your children aren’t old enough for yet so you don’t forget about it.

I have lists everywhere. Things I need to, things I want to get done in our homeschool. I have a honey-to-do list started for my husband’s day off. I bought a huge pack of post-it notes a while ago, and they are my list-making, note-taking, go-to paper for everything.

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