The first year of homeschooling, under normal circumstances, can be very stressful. I want to help you make it a better year than my first year. Yes, our first year was so hard, but we stuck it out and here we are six years later. I want to share our first year homeschool tips, let’s all be successful together.

5 First Year Homeschool Tips

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First Year Homeschool Tips

The most common thing you will hear, especially from newer moms, is that they don’t think they are doing enough, they don’t think they are a good enough teacher. But let me tell you something, you are enough. You know your children better than anyone!

There are so many resources available now, more than ever before. You can find everything you might need if you search online. Whether you are shopping for a full curriculum or looking for something to add to your curriculum or plans.

Teachers aren’t perfect either. You don’t need to be perfect.

You are going to make mistakes and you’re going to think you are failing. But in the end, happy, well-adjusted kids are what matters. Not finishing a read-aloud that is on the curriculum reading list.

You don’t want to overschedule yourself.

Joining a homeschool co-op or homeschool meet-up is a great way to meet other homeschoolers and have people who are going through the same things.

You might want to have your child enrolled in every extracurricular activity so you feel like they are with other kids, and being socialized. Guess what? You don’t need to. Between hanging out with friends and homeschool meet-ups you might find yourself already socializing a lot and not needing the extra stress of more activities to rush off to.

5 First Year Homeschool Tips

Be flexible.

Know that you are not forced to use the curriculum or method you started with. You can change your mind as you go along because you are learning what works.

Keep the Learning Interesting

If you and your kids are falling asleep during that curriculum read aloud it might be time to put it down. You want everyone to enjoy learning, pick up a great book, like Charlotte’s Web. Then you can watch the movie afterward to compare them.

What are your kids interested in learning about? Include that in your lessons. Head to the library and let them pick out books that interest them and include them in reading time.

Have Fun and Make Memories

Don’t worry about finishing a curriculum so much that you turn into a drill sergeant. Try a different way to teach, be silly. Do your lessons under the table in a fort or outside on a blanket in the yard.

Spend the afternoon setting off bottle rockets in the backyard. Or spend the day at a museum or science center.

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