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Unwinding After Homeschool Lessons

The lessons are finished for the day and you are your kids are free! Now what? Now, it might be time to unwind. There are many different ways that you might want to unwind after you and your kids are officially done for the day. Unwinding after homeschool lessons is important, we need that time to decompress.

UnWinding After Homeschool Lessons

Unwinding After Homeschool Lessons

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One of our favorite ways to unwind during Saskatchewan winters was to go skating. The small rink in our village was empty all day long, as we were the only homeschoolers in the area. It was nice to be able to skate and have fun and let go of any struggles or problems that may have come up during our lessons.

There are many different ways to unwind after your lessons each day. I have listed some great ways to relax after spending time together learning.

Get Out of the House

Go for a walk. Go for a hike. Go to the playground. I think that it’s important to do something to “end” the day, to end the lessons. A division.

Go Separate Ways After Lessons

Sometimes you just need to walk away. Everyone goes their own way. Sometimes Momma, you just have to walk away, take a five minute time out for yourself. Whether that is reading for yourself or stepping outside to get some fresh air.

Homeschool Snack Time

This one might be my most favorite way of unwinding from homeschool lessons: Snack time! Or maybe it’s lunch time. What time it is is, food is a great way to unwind.

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Homeschool Physical Fitness

This is a good way to start the day too. Get the wiggles out before hand, get the wiggles and energy out after lessons. My kids really like Cosmic Kids Yoga for those times when the weather outside prevents us from getting out.

Screen Time for Unwinding After Homeschool Lessons

I know that not everyone likes to let their children have screen time but I don’t think it is a bad thing in moderation. Sometimes it is a great reward for them to be able to watch a favorite show or to play a video game.

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