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Google Classroom Alternatives

I like using Google Classroom and I know it is a pretty popular choice. But it isn’t the only option out there if you find that it isn’t doing what you want it to do, or you are having trouble using it. I have found a few Google Classroom alternatives that you can check out.

Google Classroom Alternatives

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Here are a few of the learning management, virtual learning options that I have found that others are using instead of Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Alternatives

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn Ultra has been redesigned with a modern, intuitive, fully responsive interface, Blackboard Learn now delivery a simpler, more powerful teaching and learning experience that goes beyond the traditional learning management system (LMS).

From what I can tell, there is no fee for using this platform. You do need to request a trial, which I did not do.

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Edmodo is an educational technology company offering a communication, collaboration, and coaching platform to K-12 schools and teachers. The Edmodo network enables teachers to share content, distribute quizzes, assignments, and manage communication with students, colleagues, and parents.

From what I can tell, there is no fee, and it looks easy to set up and use. They include videos on how to go through the steps which is always helpful.


I think that this could be used by homeschoolers. There are a couple different plans, the free plan would limit you in ways that Google Classroom does not.

Can I Use Google Classroom for Homeschool

Options that Aren’t for Homeschoolers

Learning platforms that you may have heard of and wonder if they are right for you.


This is not a website for you to use, but a software that you can download, and install on your own server. I do not think that this is something homeschoolers would want to use.

It is free.


i‑Ready is not sold for homeschool or private home use. I only included it here because I have been asked and seen the question out there before.


I believe through my own searching that this is only available to schools and not homeschoolers.


I believe through my own searching that this is only available to schools and not homeschoolers.

Google Classroom in Your Homeschool

Daily Assignment Pages for Google Classroom & Slides

How to Set up Google Classroom for Homeschool

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