First Day of A New Homeschool Year

Two days ago was our first day of our new homeschool year. This started our fifth year of homeschooling. I definitely didn’t handle the first day the way I did our first year. Things change, you become more relaxed as you go along, I’m not just speaking just from experience, but because I’ve also heard it from other homeschool moms as well.

First Day of a New Homeschool Year

First Day of Homeschool

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This year the first day of homeschool was super relaxed. I honestly wasn’t looking forward to it at all, I was really hoping that we would be moving instead of schooling for the month of September. I was actually hoping to mess up our whole year and plans for this move… who know maybe October will be kinds of messed up instead. Not too many homeschool parents are hoping for the year, and their plans to get messed up.

The Day Started Early

Our morning started early, earlier than normal, I guess all the excited for the first day got to them. My late sleepers, (10 year old, and 5 year old) were both up and dressed at 7am, when their normal wake up is 8-9am.

They each got a new outfit for the first day, and I even bought myself a new sweater, because this Momma loves sweaters and wears them almost all year long. Maybe these lead to the early morning excitement, or maybe it is the excitement of new materials, and getting back into our routine.

First Day of School - colored pencils

Our School Work

We did very little actually school work. One lonely little subject. Grammar Galaxy.

We did, however, decorate our notebooks that we’ll be using along with some interactive notebooks – not out full curriculum, just some extra, hands on fun learning.

Day two was a little more school work, day three (today) we did a little more. Next week, we’ll be doing a full schedule of school. We started our school day/week/year with the public school system, on a Tuesday. I find starting on a Monday always puts us on track for a great week.

First Day of Homeschool Fun

We did some crafting. – decorating our notebooks.

We went to the playground. And got all the looks that we are used to because it’s the first day of school and our kids should be in school. Which is strange because the population is less than 200 here, and everyone knows we homeschool.

The kids played with Lego.

Overall, our first day back to school was a success. We had fun, we did language arts, and we only spent about 2 hours, 1 1/2 of which were spent crafting and looking through our new books.

First Day of Homeschool Takeaway

The first day back to school doesn’t have to be about all the subjects in one day. In fact, I recommend not doing all the subjects even in the first week. If like us, you have taken any amount of time off, you want to ease back into all the subjects. Adding a new one each day.

I have completely update my Amazon store to reflect our school year, including the majority of the books and extra stuff we’ll be using for Wizards & Wands. Even without that curriculum these are great books for any Harry Potter fan. My girls were looking through the books for Magical Creatures yesterday.

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