Fun Alternatives to Book Reports

Book reports were the worst in school, who really wants to write a boring report about what you did or didn’t like about a book that you had to read? I had thought to try book reports but I didn’t want to force my oldest to write one, nor did I really want to read one. Instead, we can be creative, it’s what we do best here after all. That’s why we have been enjoying these fun alternatives to book reports.

Fun Alternatives to Book Reports

Fun Alternatives to Book Reports

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Alternatives to Book Reports: Design a Game

Create a game based on the book you read. It could be a board game, a card game, or another type of game. We’re going to be creating our own version of Monopoly to go along with our Harry Potter.

Go Shopping

Pretend that you are going to buy a gift for the main character. What would you buy them? Consider the character’s personality, likes, and dislikes before deciding on a gift he or she would really love and use. 

Prepare a Homeschool Lesson

Grab a non-fiction book, and have your child prepare a lesson to teach you and/or siblings. Learning about Canada or the USA? Give your child a province or state to teach you and their siblings about.

Create a Brochure

Have your child think about the sites in the story that would be educational, fun, or exciting to visit. Whether the story setting is real or imaginary, they can design a travel brochure to entice visitors. Include maps, photos, text, and more.

Create a Comic Book Page

This one is a favorite for my kids. One, they all love graphic novels and comic books. Two, what child wouldn’t like to create a comic book? Comic books don’t require a lot of words. They get to be an artist, they get to review what they read in a different way.

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Fun Alternatives to Book Reports