Benefits of Using Digital Homeschool Curriculum

I have begun to love using digital homeschool curriculum over the past few years. We don’t only use digital but it has been a great addition to our homeschool. I want to share those benefits with you.

Benefits of Using Digital Homeschool Curriculum

Benefits of Using Digital Homeschool Curriculum

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There are a lot of benefits to using digital homeschool curriculum. I wanted to share with you my top four reasons for using digital homeschool curriculum in our homeschool.

We don’t use digital for everything. Each year we use it a little more. It’s about making it work for you, for your homeschool. It has taken some getting used to, the different pace, not sitting down with paper in front of you all the time like workbooks and worksheets.

My girls have been using Teaching Textbooks (online) for a couple of years, and math is one subject they like doing.

Math Review Level 4 Teaching Textbooks

Save Money – Cost Effective

I am all about being more frugal in all aspects of our life, including homeschooling. Digital curriculum is the way to go for being more frugal.

What is better than curriculum that you can reuse? In a family with multiple children, there is nothing better! You can reuse curriculum with multiple children, win!

Digital curriculum is often less expensive than printed due to cutting out everything printing-related.

Easy to Store

It takes a lot less space to store digital curriculum than it does to store printed materials. As someone that has moved numerous times since beginning to homeschool, and is living in a small house, storage space is limited.

Digital Curriculum is Easily Adaptable

Homeschool families typically have children of all different ages, with digital curriculum you can often adapt the lesson plans or worksheets to work for any age or grade level! Some digital curriculum comes with multiple age/grade level options in the same file or it can be purchased/downloaded separately.

Digital Curriculum Allows me to Print Only What I Want to Use

Let’s talk about minimalist homeschooling here. I am looking to have less paper waste in our homeschool. Less printer ink is being used.

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