50 Reasons to Homeschool!

We have been homeschooling for five years, going into our sixth year now. A few months ago I had this little whisper in the back the back of my mind that said, how about about putting the kids in public school for the 2020/2021 year? I quickly shut it down, we love our life homeschooling. I wanted to share with you what our reasons to homeschool are.

50 Reasons to Homeschool!

50 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids

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Social Reasons to Homeschool

  1. less peer pressure
  2. homeschoolers become adept at interacting with a wide variety of age groups
  3. more opportunities to interact with the community
  4. children at home don’t need to suppress their personal identity to fit into the crowd
  5. learn in a less judgmental environment
  6. child can become independent thinkers
  7. children become empowered when their ideas are heard and validated


  1. increases bonding in a family
  2. parents are able to know their child
  3. parents create the perfect learning environment for their child
  4. families can relax – no planned vacations or appointments around a school schedule
  5. your kids can be kids longer – they keep that innocence about them longer
  6. you get to see the light bulb moments

Educational Reasons to Homeschool

  1. homeschoolers tend to get less tired because they can sleep more – they can learn more because they are more rested
  2. can learn anywhere
  3. skip subjects your kids find boring or unsatisfying – or find another way to learn the material
  4. they learn at their own pace
  5. you get to learn interesting things that you may not have had the opportunity to learn before
  6. younger sibling can learn by watching older siblings
  7. they are able to discuss and explore thoughts and ideas without fear of ridicule
  8. when they’re done with their work for the day, they’re done…no extra busy work or homework
  9. they learn life skills – cooking, caring for others, and all the things that go along with running a home.
  10. they can take frequent breaks if they need to.
  11. education for for mastery, not a grade
  12. creativity is nurtured and celebrated
  13. imagination is encouraged
  14. your child can learn in a way that fits them best
  15. real life experiences for learning opportunities – raising animals
  16. they can learn from documentaries instead of textbooks
  17. homeschoolers perform well academically
  18. there is no time line for your child to learn something. Some need a little more time, and then some graduate early
  19. the ability to choose to unschool
Homeschool Tips for Beginners

Unexpected Reasons to Homeschool

  1. kids are eating healthy – eating to keep up with their growing bodies
  2. school doesn’t have to be stuck inside on nice spring or fall days
  3. cuddling pets while learning – pets are great for reading to
  4. ability to visit museums and such places without large crowds
  5. children learn time management skills
  6. your kids won’t get every cold that goes through the classroom
  7. everyday can be pajama day!
  8. birthdays are holidays from school
  9. poetry/morning tea time – butter beer or hot chocolate during reading time
  10. no waste time during “school”
  11. video games can count as learning
  12. Lego totally counts as school – the skills these kids learn from putting Lego sets together.
  13. kids don’t have 15 minutes to finish their lunch – this always breaks my heart – which leads me to…
  14. kids learn to cook by making their lunch
  15. it doesn’t matter if they fidget
  16. it might not matter if they talk – depending on if they are driving a sibling nuts while they are trying to accomplish something
  17. you can world or road school which is traveling around the country or world while doing homeschool
  18. healthier – no having to wait until recess to use the bathroom! Or needing any other permission

Whatever your reason for thinking about homeschooling, I’m sure it’s great.

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