How Homeschool can be Less Stressful than School

We did one year of public school, and that was enough for now. I’m more relaxed with my kids here at home and my being in control of their education and their overall care and wellbeing. Not worrying about how they are being treated by peers or the adults in charge. I am finding homeschool less stressful than sending my kid to public school.

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How Homeschool can be Less Stressful than Public School

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One of the things I find less stressful about homeschooling compared to public school would be that I don’t have to go out in the freezing cold winter weather. -30C is no laughing matter at 8am.

Sometimes it just isn’t less stressful, you know, when you are pulling out your hair worried that you’re not doing enough each year, or any one of the other thousand worries.

Have fun, learn along with your kids, and enjoy homeschooling your kids.

Time Management and More Sleep

The biggest most stressful thing about spending my daughter to school was having to have my eye on the clock:

  • Getting up on time
  • Getting to the bus stop on time
  • Being at the bus stop after school
  • Making sure that you’ll going to be home from any errands in time for the afternoon bus

With Homeschooling: No more rushing out the door in the morning before we’ve had a chance to really wake up, no more looking for lost homework or shoes. Kids can get all the sleep that their growing bodies need.

Sleep Fact:

  • A new study concludes that almost half of children in the United States don’t get the recommended 9 hours of sleep.
  • Experts say a lack of sleep can affect schoolwork and produce long-term health effects, such as obesity.

School Rules

Thankfully we didn’t have any foods that weren’t allowed so peanut butter sandwiches were allowed to be packed in her lunch but guess what? She didn’t want them. She wanted meals, real food, even leftovers were welcome, but only once a week because that’s all they had access to the microwave.

We don’t actually have a microwave either but we have a stove and oven to reheat great tasting leftovers or other food choices. And if we decided to have an unhealthy lunch once in awhile we can. Plus, my kids can learn how to cook their own meals.

Flip flops? Not allowed at public school, but we live in our flip flops here.

How to Choose Recipes for Your Kids

We’re Not Sick

We are hardly ever sick! There were some really bad cold and flu viruses going around this year, bad enough that extracurricular activities were being canceled. We escaped it all! Thank you homeschooling!

We’re still out and about, a lot with other kids, and do get sick, we’re not staying completely germfree but we aren’t getting sick every week and missing learning time that can’t be made up.

When we are sick, we can still learn, we can watch documentaries, and do other things that keep the learning going.

No Homework or Tests

Technically there is no homework because all work is done at home, but at least I know what the work is, what they are supposed to do, and hopefully how to do it. Or at least I know why they are learning it and I can learn along with them.

It all gets done during “school” time and not during a limited family time when their dad is home from work.

We’re still early elementary so no tests here. We are learning through the everyday practice of skills and life learning.

5 Ways Homeschooling can be Less Stressful

A Lack of Bullying is Less Stressful

I don’t have to worry about my kids getting bullied. Need I say more?

My kids are mean to each other sometimes and hit one another, but at the end of the day, they will fight for one another and love each other. That is what siblings do.

Is Homeschooling Less Stressful?

Homeschooling can be a lot more stressful than public school I know, but I find it less stressful because I am not trying to keep up with the public school. It’s about choosing what is right for your family and making it less stressful.

We do our own curriculum, our own reading, and we are not trying to recreate school at home. You can chose to take a break and decompress, and avoid burnout.

Homeschool is about making a choice, and part of that is stressing less:

  • no worrying about homework
  • no worrying about bullying
  • no packing lunch
  • no missing the bus

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