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The Necessities for Traveling with Kids

Spring and summer are prime vacation times for families, kids are out of (public) school, the weather is nice, no snow storms to worry about it. While planning to keep your kids busy, and keep them happy, don’t forget to think about the nasty that can happen. We have traveled back and forth across the country and always, always we end up with a sick child. Traveling with kids is not for the weak!

My Necessities for Traveling with Kids

The Necessities for Traveling with Kids

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Each vacation planning here involves the first aid kit. A nice plastic cased one that won’t spill everything out when kicked, and will stand up to being stepped on by little feet. Be prepared is the best motto ever and needs to be applied to every aspect of traveling with kids.

What do I Pack in the First Aid Kit?

Everything that the first aid kit comes with, stays in it. You never know when you may need it. I also have a bunch of kids band-aids because fun, favorite characters sometimes helps make hurts hurt a little less.

I also put our Tylenol and Advil in there as well as Gravol. A thermometer.

What Else do I Pack?

As we pulled onto a busy highway, a puking child. Pulling into the last hotel of one trip, a puking child. They are experts at puking children are. One thing we always have to have are lots of paper towel, a couple rolls. Plastic bags, to put the used paper towels in, you don’t want to be rooting around in the truck looking for a bag to use. On the puking note, this year we are adding puke bags to our vehicle. Slow learners we are apparently.

Laundry detergent because most hotels do have coin laundry and depending on your travel plans you don’t want to be stuck with vomit covered clothing or blankets. Whether you grab some of the pods or pour a small amount into a Rubbermaid container to take with you.

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