30 Reasons We Love Homeschooling Over Public School

We love homeschooling! After all these years of homeschooling, we still love homeschooling over public school. If you choose to send your child to public school, then that’s great! We’re all just doing our best for our children.

30 Reasons to Love Homeschooling Over Public School

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30 Reasons to Love Homeschooling Over Public School

I’m a big believer in “You do you”. Why I homeschool is not going to be the reason you homeschool. Why someone else chooses public school might not be the reason someone else decides on public school.

What We Don’t Miss:

No early morning wake-ups. No fighting to get them out of bed 5 days a week.

No lunch boxes to prepare. Plus my kids have learned to cook by making their own lunches at home.

No racing to meet the morning bus.

I don’t have to worry about being home to meet the bus after school.

We don’t have to stand outside waiting for the bus in -30°C weather. One winter was more than enough for me, I was actually begging to homeschool on those mornings.

I don’t have to buy bizarre school supplies.

I don’t have to label every. single. crayon.

Slow-moving mornings, breakfast at 9 works for us.

Limited chances of getting lice.

Limited illnesses – we’re had the flu once in the last couple of years without getting the flu shot. We have never been so healthy.

Not having to get dressed. Staying in our pajamas all day on cold winter days is great.

We don’t have to plan family vacations around school vacations.

30 Reasons We Love Homeschooling Over Public School

I don’t have to fill out a bunch of paperwork every year. In fact, I have a copy of all our paperwork saved on my computer to edit and email off. I do this once a year and it takes maybe 5 minutes, for all my kids.

No PTA meetings.

No bullying.

No bomb threats or drills.

No religion is being forced on my kids – we are living in a very religious place, so much so that it was brought up at a baseball practice that my kids were in.

A lack of peer pressure. They can be themselves 100%.

What We Love about Homeschooling Over Public School:

No homework. Unless I walk away from them because they are goofing off.

My kids can develop an interest in what they are interested in. Like creating their own dog treat business.

We can start our lessons whenever we want. Like in the afternoon.

We can end our day whenever we want. One hour of work some days is all we need.

They are learning life skills, that don’t include how to stand in a line or ask for permission to use the bathroom.

My kids are great at socializing with people of all ages.

30 Reasons We Love Homeschooling Over Public School

We get to enjoy and have the science center to ourselves. We get the membership for the year but won’t use it all summer because it gets too crowded.

Same goes with museums and playgrounds. Nice and empty for my kids to run around crazy. We still go to playgrounds doing the summer too.

We aren’t stuck inside on beautiful dayswe can take our lessons outside.

We aren’t forced to learn in one room. We can learn everywhere that we go. Including the library, the backyard, and we’ve even taken our lessons to the car dealership while getting maintenance work done.

We can move through content at our own pace.

My kids are friends with each. They have an amazing bond.

I get to spend valuable time with them while they are young.

These are my 30 reasons for sticking with homeschooling even if it was never my intention to go down this road. Not everyone will agree with these and that is A-OK.

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