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Why Homeschooling is Better Than Public School

This is why I think that homeschooling is better than public school. Your list might be completely different, and that is just fine! But I’m rather loving the homeschool thing. The laziness, the planning, spending time with my kids and watching as they learn and accomplish so much.

Why Homeschooling is Better Than Public School

Why Homeschooling is Better Than Public School

Sleep till we get up

Austin went to public school for Kindergarten. I fought to get her out of bed each morning. Now, she sleeps anywhere till 7 (if her sister wakes her) or 9 and I’m okay with that. She sprouting up like a weed!

No rushing out the door

Again we spent a year with public school. It was a lot of rushing. Now, we’re lazy and get to our school day in the afternoon more often than not.

We don’t have to get out of our pajamas

Is it cold and windy out and we have no need to go anywhere? Why get out of our pajamas? We can learn in comfort, not every day because we’d end up in a rut of lazy days and risk getting nothing done.

No fundraising each and every month

I’m not begging family members to give my kids money all year long. Just at the beginning of gymnastics season now. Also, the school isn’t begging me to give them our stuff… food donations, clothing donations, toy donations, etc.

Time for interest lead learning

Austin has a wide range of interests. Dinosaurs, space, nature. We can do science experiments for these interests, kids learn better from doing than being told.
Making rain, making clouds in jars.

Field trips

We can head to the museum or science centre at any time. During school hours these places tend to be empty, and the perfect time for learning there.

Vacation in the off season

No pulling your kids out of school to head on vacation during the off-season, which is cheaper.

 What do you think? Anything you would add or change?