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Tips to Get Back to School Started Off Right

Maybe school started back already for you, or you do school all year long, either way, here are some great tips to get back into the grove, or to stay in the groove and not get burnt out. To get the year off to the best start possible. Here are more than 25 ideas or recipes to get you started.

Back to School Tips and tricks

Tips to Get Back to School Started Off Right

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Here are recipes, gift ideas, and fun to get school started on a great new school year. Back to school often starts out great but all the newness often fades quickly and we are all fighting to keep going. Here are some easy ways to maybe help you and your kids out throughout the school year.

First Day Pictures

I can remember my mom taking pictures for the first day of school while I was in elementary school. There weren’t any fancy papers or chalkboards stating what grade I was in because those have only really just become popular with Pinterest.

Each year I make back to school a little special by having a theme set in place. With that, I decorate a little in our dining room with a banner and a few other little things. Last year we did a Harry Potter theme.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks

Moms and dads have gotten busier and busier. Between their own jobs, keeping the house, and running kids to a million extra-curricular activities it seems like everyone is always on the go.

We love make-ahead meals in our house. From egg cups that I make on Sunday for a week of breakfasts or pizza muffins for a fun lunch, making things ahead of time is a real time-saver in the long run.

Back to School Tips and Tricks

Let's get back to school with some fun this year.

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