10 Places to Get Your Kids Reading More

There is no law that states you have to sit on the sofa or in a chair. Get creative, grab a book and encourage your kids to read where ever they want, and where ever you can get your kids reading. We shouldn’t be picky about where kids are reading, just be grateful that they are reading.

This summer my kiddos have decided that they want to read 90 books. Yes, 90. I did not choose that number, but it has definitely encouraged my kids reading more each day. I printed out a reading log and they love writing down the title of the book that they have just finished.

10 Places to Get Your Kids Reading More

10 Places to Get Your Kids Reading More

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In Bed

This has always been one of my favorite places to read. As a teen I would read until the wee hours of the morning because I just couldn’t put my book down. I still have that problem occasionally. I think I’ll be picking up one of these reading pillows for Austin soon as she is becoming quite a bookworm.

On the Trampoline

Laying back on a trampoline with a book is so relaxing! Fresh air, great sunlight, nice and comfortable.

In a Vehicle

One of the first things my kids ask when we get ready to go somewhere is if they can bring books. Now that I am coming into the current century and getting into reading e-books it makes them reading in the vehicle a little easier as I load their tablet/e-reader.

At the Library

The place of books. Does it get much better, much quieter than reading at the library?

In a Park

Spread out a blanket in a park, maybe have a picnic, and read some books together. We often read books either together or separately on a blanket in our yard, or at the park, or playground.

On a Computer/tablet – e-books

I just recently started reading e-books, because of the convenience of them, hello no-late fees. Now with the girls starting to read, they can pick a few to check out and I don’t have to chase those books down.

On a Swing

Maybe not a swing set swing, or at least without testing out your child’s balance. But there are some great swings that you can read on. Like a porch swing, or a tire swing, or tree swing.

In a Fort

Build a fort out of blankets, or in the backyard. Give your child a flashlight or Lego block book light and let them enjoy reading.

In the Garden

Introduce your kids to gardening with books about gardening. Let them pick a spot in the garden to read more about gardening, or any other topic. We are in fact planting three pea tepees in our yard – one for each child – for them to relax and read in outside this summer. While snacking.

Window Seat

I have always wanted a window seat to read on.

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