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Gardening Books for Gardening with Kids

Books, books, books everywhere! Seasonally when we start new topics the first thing I do is grab some books, this time, it’s gardening books for gardening with kids. Each book has their own thing to offer that make them great but these are our favorite books. My kids like to look through them for something different to try, while I am looking for some thing that is fun and educational for them.

I get a lot of books, because every book has different, amazing ideas. These are our 6 favorites, ones that I either own, or get again and again from the library.

Gardening Books for Gardening with Kids

Gardening Books for Gardening with Kids

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The Classroom Garden

This is my favorite book! You know, on the topic of gardening with kids. I borrowed it from the library and had to go buy! It is full of fun ideas to do with your young children. It gives you some amazing ideas on incorporating play into gardening. Different things to plant seeds in including egg shells.

The Ultimate Guide to Gardening

I love scrappy kitchen gardens, you know those lovely vegetables that you can grow from the scraps of food. Such as green onion, lettuce, celery, and so many more! This book is full of unique and amazing garden ideas.

Gardening Lab for Kids

This one is fill of fun, 52 fun ideas in fact. One of those ideas is to make a rain gauge, another is to make a sprinkler. Fun right? I love the ideas in this book. I never would have thought to make a cold garden!

Gardening with Kids

Oh the ideas in this book! It actually makes me want to try growing flowers to crystallize them like in the book. Or making lavender bags.

Roots, Shoots, Buckets, & Boots

The one idea I got from this book that I am running with this summer is making/growing a pee tepee. I can’t wait for it to grow. This book is all about connecting children and gardening.

Gardening Projects for Kids

This book is broken up into categories. Two of which are playing based. Another is games, another is art based projects. And of course is food! You know snacking and making meals.

How do you get your kids interested in gardening?


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