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Summer Reading Challenge

Summer is full of sunshine, playing outside, going swimming, and all that fun. But we want to prevent the summer slide where kids lose reading levels and math skills setting the back each year. Not all kids love to read, sometimes it’s a struggle to get them to read, so I thought maybe coming up with a different way of finding books might help spark their interest. A summer reading challenge just might be the thing to keep them reading this summer.

summer reading challenge

Summer Reading Challenge

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Just having books around your house can go along way towards encouraging them to read, but why not find some more way to encourage them to try out new books. We head to our library at least once a week, I don’t limit what books my children can bring home which I think has gone a long way towards encouraging their love of reading.

Let’s keep our kids reading this Summer when the sun is shining too hot to stay outside. My first piece of advice would be to let them choose the books. I know you want to pick out of some great books for them, but you choosing just might lead to them not reading.

Summer Reading Challenge books

Every day, your child picks a reading square to complete, and when it’s completed, mark it off with a marker or sticker. When they get Bingo, they get a fun prize! They’re not anything big–just fun things that I know the kids will like. Candy, stickers, staying up late to watch a movie, etc. The dollar store is a great place to get little prizes.

They can then work on another row to get Bingo again. If they fill up the whole card, they get a special prize!

Click here to download the Bingo Card.

Click here to download the book ideas.

Click here to download a reading certificate.

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