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Bottle Rockets Science Experiment for kids - bottle on bench

Bottle Rockets! Outside Fun

One of the best things about living back on the East coast is the nice weather. It is January and right now my kids are running around outside in the dark with lights strapped to their foreheads having a blast. It’s not that cold out in January so we’re doing messy, outside fun things here …

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pH Indictor with Red Cabbage

Easy Red Cabbage pH Indicator

Getting in the kitchen with your kids doesn’t always mean cooking or baking. It means spending time together doing something, anything, and having fun. This is fun, easy, and a great science experiment using things that you have in your home, mostly in your kitchen at that. Buy a small head of red cabbage, and …

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Invisible Ink Secret Messages

Invisible Ink Secret Messages

We all want to write secret messages right? Write something that some certain people can read. That would have been the best thing ever as a child. Now, for my kids it’s something from Harry Potter. Something secret spy do. Invisible Ink Secret Messages If your kids are anything like mine they have read the …

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