We all want to write secret messages right? Write something that some certain people can read. That would have been the best thing ever as a child. Now, for my kids it’s something from Harry Potter. Something secret spy do.

Invisible Ink Secret Messages

Invisible Ink Secret Messages

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If your kids are anything like mine they have read the Harry books, and watched the Harry Potter movies. Having done that they would love to have the The Marauder’s Map. The secret map that would reveal where people and secret passages where throughout Hogwarts.

Vinegar or Baking Soda Invisible Ink

  • Vinegar or Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Small Bowl
  • Small paint brush or Q-tip
  • Paper
  • Sponge or larger paint brush
  • Grape juice

How to do it:

Choose if you will be using vinegar or baking soda. 

In the small bowl mix 1 tbsp of vinegar (or baking soda) with 1 tbsp of water. Mix the two ingredients together. 

Dip a small paint brush or cotton swab in the mixture and write your secret message on the paper. 

Let the writing dry. To reveal the message use a sponge or larger paint brush and paint the paper with grape juice.

If you need to make a larger quantity of the invisible ink for a birthday party simply mix the ingredients in a 1/1 ratio. 

For example: 1/2 Cup of baking soda with 1/2 Cup of water. 

Lemon Juice Invisible Ink

  • 1 Lemon cut in half
  • Small bowl
  • Small paint brush or cotton swab
  • Paper

How to do it:

Squeeze a lemon half into the small bowl.

Dip the paint brush or Q-tip into the lemon juice and then write your secret message on the paper with the brush. Let the juice dry completely.

To read the message hold the paper 6″ from a light bulb. The heat of the light bulb (can not be an LED bulb) will make the message appear!

You can also iron over the message. But this one should be used with care.

Milk Secret Messages

  • Milk
  • Small bowl
  • Paintbrush or Q-tip
  • Paper
  • Light that gives out heat or an iron

How to do it:

Paint or swab a message onto paper with Milk.  Let the paper dry.   To see the message hold it next to a candle, light bulb or swipe over the paper with an iron. 

No Ink

Lay a piece of paper on top of another piece of paper.  

Using a pencil write your message on the top piece of paper. Remove the top piece of paper. 

To reveal the message use a pencil to lightly color over the bottom piece of paper.

Crayon or Candle

  • White Crayon or a white candle
  • Paper
  • Colored markers or water colors

How to do it:

Write your secret message on a piece of paper using  a white crayon or white candle.

When you want to reveal the message color over the message with a darker marker or water colors. Your secret writing will appear like magic!

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