Single serve baking dishes aren’t just for making single serve desserts. They are also great for making individual servings of meals. I use some of mine when I make French onion soup. There is just something special about single serve cookware.

Single Serve Baking Dishes

Baking Dishes

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Why would you need single serve baking dishes? Why not? They don’t need to be just for single serve desserts, though that is a really great reason to have some of these baking dishes. But, you can also use them for serving any size meal.

As I said above, I love using my ramekins for serving my French Onion Soup. I can add the French bread, and cheese to the dish and broil it so that cheese melts… yum!

Single serve dishes are great for reheating leftovers. I don’t love using my microwave. In fact for the longest time we didn’t even have one. I find food can be flat, or soggy in the microwave but you also don’t want to dirty a big baking dish to reheat something which is where your single serve baking dish is going to come into play for you.

Single Serve Baking Dishes

What are the Best Single Serve Baking Dishes? And How to Use Them.

There are actual French onion soup bowls that are really nice. They have nice handles that, when not hot from the oven, are handy for scooping all that deliciousness up. It’s also good for chili, beef stew, bouillon, seafood bisque, chowder, lobster bisque, shepherds pie, cheese soup, tortilla soup, and more.

I have loved having ramekins. They were a great purchase for my kitchen, that I didn’t even realize I really needed until I had them. They perfect for individual crème brulées, soufflés, custards, puddings and cobblers. I have also used them for making my family single serve apple crisp. Kids get a kick out of having their own dessert.

I don’t know about you, but the best side for lasagna here in my house, is garlic bread. What is better than individual garlic bread? Or any other kind of bread.

How sweet are this cute, individual pie pans? These are perfect for making individual pot pies, quiche, cobblers, pies, and more!

Individual lasagna? Yes please. Baking lasagna in these one person dishes would give you all the toasty, crispy edges that you love so much. But that’s not all you can make in these dishes.

The possibilities are endless with these pans. Heck, I kind of wanna hang them on my walls. These would be great for individual pizzas, a hit with all kids, especially when they get to make them their selves.

These dishes are amazing for making roasted veggies in. Or baked pasta dishes, or, well the possibilities are endless. Plus, they are easy to clean.

Feel like casserole for supper? Does one child just hate broccoli now? And another hates cauliflower? Make individual casseroles for everyone! And then you don’t have to share!

I love my little cast iron pan. It makes the most delicious fried egg sandwiches, which I am all about eating, especially using eggs fresh from our own quail and chickens.

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Single Serve Apple Crisp

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