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5 Ways Kids Can Learn to Code

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever for kids to learn to code. Coding is a valuable skill that can help kids be successful in any career they choose. We have to be able to provide them with opportunities to learn and that’s what I have here, ways for your kids to learn to code.

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5 Ways Kids Can Learn to Code

There is a lot of information out there on the world wide web for our children, keeping internet safety in mind, so why not let them create a world for themselves, let them code and give them the opportunity to create.

Why Kids Should Learn to Code

Coding can refer to a number of different computer programming languages, such as Java, Python, HTML, etc. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on the usage of technology and computers in our everyday lives, having an understanding of the languages that power these devices is becoming extremely pertinent.

  1. Ideas can become reality. If they can dream it, they can build it with a computer!
  2. Code is one of the world’s most used languages. Across the world, coders are using the same language to build websites and programs for others to use.
  3. Kids learn faster when they are young.
  4. Coding encourages critical thinking and problem-solving.
  5. Open your child to possibilities. With coding experience, kids can apply for computer science internships and jobs.

Learning to Code in Fun Ways


One of the most popular games for children right now is Minecraft, teaching children how to code in a fun, engaging way.

Learn for FREE with Scratch

Scratch is where my kids are learning to code. It is free to use online and there are a lot of tutorials available to help them out on the site. We started using it after I came across some books about using the site and I thought why not get them started this way. This one, Coding Projects in Scratch: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Coding Your Own Animations, Games, Simulations, is great.

Khan Academy – Also FREE

Known for its extensive and challenging math games, Khan Academy also has basic programming tutorials that teach kids how to build graphics, animations, interactive visualizations, and more. Its latest addition is a partnership with Pixar, which gives users a chance to learn how Pixar artists do their jobs.

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Lego Mindstorms

LEGO® robot building toys are the perfect gift for kids of all ages. Even if it doesn’t seem like they have an obvious interest in coding, their curiosity will almost certainly be sparked once they get the chance to build a robot of their own.

These aren’t for the frugal family, they are a bit more costly than I am willing to pay but I definitely think it would be worth the money. I see all Lego as being worth it as my kids spend so many hours playing and building and learning with Lego.


CodaKid is a kids’ coding platform that teaches kids how to use real programming languages and professional tools while creating games, coding apps, programming drones, building websites, and more.

Bonus Ways to Code

If you can find access to DreamWeaver, an Adobe product, it is a great way to practice coding. You can create a website within, through code, and see what it looks like as you go along. I have the CS6 (on disc) and use it for web design and will be using it with my kids when they are older and have more interest in learning code outside the fun and games programs.

My kids are often amazed when they see me changing code, “wow you know what that says?” is often said. It’s a nice feeling knowing I can help them learn to code. And it doesn’t have to be boring.

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