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What Every Homeschool Mom Needs to Hear

There are some things that every homeschool mom needs to hear. Whether you have been homeschooling for 2 months or 2 years it can still be overwhelming and sometimes you forget that you are doing everything right.

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What Every Homeschool Mom Needs to Hear

Homeschooling can feel like an island. But it shouldn’t. It can be so hard and frustrating trying to find your people, the people who get that you are struggling. That aren’t religious if you are secular.

If you have no one to talk homeschool with, join us at Homeschool Curriculum 101. I don’t want homeschooling to be an island for anyone.

You are not alone.

Do you find yourself thinking that homeschooling is much harder than you thought it would be?

Are you wondering if your child’s struggles with learning to read are normal?

Do you have days when you wonder if you’re really qualified to homeschool your children?

I have too!

Some days you don’t need a solution to whichever problem you’re facing as much as you need to know that someone else has experienced it. Homeschool moms are full of doubt. All of us.

You can do this.

I’m sure there are plenty of confident homeschooling parents out there who have complete faith in their abilities. But the rest of us really appreciate the occasional reminder that we can do this.

We worry that we’re not doing enough or that we’re doing too much. We worry that we’ve chosen the wrong curriculum, that our kids will be weird, or maybe they really won’t be ready for the real world.

Sometimes we just need someone to remind us that we can do it. If you’re a veteran homeschooling parent, be intentional about encouraging a newbie.

Do what works for your family.

You can skip parts of that curriculum. It terrified me to think of skipping part of a lesson that had been laid out by “experts.” In public schools, they don’t cover the whole curriculum either…

You don’t have to compare yourself to your homeschool friend who always seems to be doing something spectacular. You don’t have to compare your kids to anybody else’s. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” applies here.

The housework will wait. 

I promise. That laundry isn’t going to get impatient and do itself. It will be right there waiting for you when you get around to it. Those sticky floors will be there tomorrow.

Taking the time to sit on the couch with your child and watch his eyes light up as he sounds out the word cat for the first time will not.

They are not going to remember that the floors weren’t scrubbed clean all the time or that dishes piled up in the sink. They are going to remember that awesome science experiment that you did instead.

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Cereal for dinner. 

The struggle is real and some days, we just cannot get it all done.

Did you keep the kids alive? Is your house still standing? If so, it sounds to me like you made it through the day!

Let the kids have cereal, or sandwiches again for supper and call it a win.

Tomorrow is a new day. 

If today is one of those days, then stop. Pack up the books. Don’t force a bad day, have the courage and humility to say “enough is enough” and try again tomorrow.

Go to the playground, the library. Shake off the bad and try again.

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