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Easy Ways to Have an Organized Homeschool Space

You do not need a homeschool room to homeschool. All you need is space to store your homeschool books and supplies. There are many ways for you to create an organized homeschool space.

Organized Homeschool Space

Organized Homeschool Space

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Easy Ways to Have an Organized Homeschool Space

The first thing to know is where do you do the bulk of your homeschooling? At the dining room table? in the living room? The kitchen?

If you are already homeschooling this is an easy question. But if you haven’t started yet, where do you spend most of your time with your kids? This is probably a space you are all comfortable in and could make a great space for your lessons.

One Room Storage

If you are doing the majority of your lessons in one room bookshelves make for the easiest storage if you have the space for them. Not only can you use them for book storage which with homeschooling there is neverending supply of, but you can also use them to hold all your supplies.

Multiple Room Organized Homeschool Space

Keep what you need where you need it. For example, books for couch time go in a basket beside the couch.

Nature journals, magnifying glasses, baskets, and field guides live in a basket by the front door for foraging lessons and nature studies.

Tablets stay in their charging ports because otherwise you have dead tablets when you need them for math lessons.

Where else are you doing school? What do you use in that room? Find a basket and leave those things there if that is what makes more sense for your home.

Organizing Homeschool Books Per Curriculum

One way to organize your homeschool books is to keep the books for each curriculum or curriculum level you use, separate from the other books. We use cube organizers, which is a great way to keep the different curriculum together with all their books.

How to Organize A Homeschool Binder

The front page of my binder is my reason for homeschooling. I use it to remind me on the rough days why we are homeschooling. Why we choose to homeschool our children with secular curriculum when it could be easier to send them to public school.

Record Keeping 

There are many different things that you may wish to keep in your homeschool binder depending on what you are required to keep and report to your school board.

Here are the possibilities:

There is no wron way to organize your homeschool stuff if it is working for your family. If it is not working, and it is effecting your homeschool, you routine, your ability to do the learning, then it’s time to do something different.

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