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Getting Organized with Post-It Notes

Post-It Notes keep everything running around here. These little squares of paper are probably the best thing I own at my desk. These small papers have so many different uses. Personally, I love all the different colors for a pop everywhere that we use them – home and school.

Getting Organized with Post-It Notes

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Getting Organized with Post It Notes

I keep all my thoughts on Post-It notes. From homeschool ideas to books I want to get from the library to ideas I want to write about. Oh, and Hubby’s to-do list. Every idea gets written down.

How I Use Them in Our Homeschool

Books, Books, and More Books

One way that I use Post-It Notes in our homeschool is to write down what books we need from the library. Yes, I can request them online from the library, but if the books are in the library, and available, and I’m already going to town, it’s faster to just get them myself.

I can give each of my kids a list of books that they need to read for school, or I think that they are interested in.

They make great bookmarks too. Whether you are saving your place or marking places for your kids to work in their workbooks.

Mind Mapping

I feel like Post-It notes were made for mind mapping. The smaller ones on the marker board, or a wall gives your kids great space to create and organize their thoughts for writing.

How I Use Post-It Notes in Our Home

Find a recipe on Pinterest that you want to make? I write out the ingredients on a Post-It Note instead of printing out the recipe. I don’t want to write out a recipe card for a make it once recipe, nor use printer ink. A post-it is great, I stick it to the cupboard and make whatever it is I am making.

Using Post-Its to Organize My Planner

I use post-its to make other sections of my planner easily accessible. Only the months have tabs but I want to quickly find the notes section, or the username/password section.

The wall near my desk is often covered in post-its. Ideas I have had that I want to keep for later down the line, or a running list for my husband to work on things around the house. Using them means no bulletin board, no damage to the walls with tacks or tape, and I get to keep track of my random thoughts.

They add extra space in my planner allowing me to overlap over things I have written out.

Using Post It Notes in Your Homeschool

Meal Planning

Do you meal plan? Post-It Notes means you can easily move ideas around, reuse them later on, and such. Instead of printing out a new meal planner each week wastes a lot of paper, post-its can be reused repeatedly.

Wall Calendar

Do you have space on your wall where you could create your own calendar with post-its? Use the space to keep track of classes your kids are taking, extra-curricular activities, and more. They are easy to move around when plans change.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.