Allschool Online Classes for Homeschooling

Allschool offers a wide variety of live interactive classes and online homeschool electives that are perfect for kids to be able to learn from home. Read on to learn how your kids can get started learning with Allschool online learning classes.

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Allschool Online Classes for Homeschooling

This was the first time we have tried using online, live learning in our homeschool. I admit I was terrified that I would forget, and not be home for it. This is why in the past I have avoided trying them. But Brookland, my 11 year old LOVED it! It is definitely something that we’ll be using more of in the future.

What is Allschool

Allschool provides live and interactive online classes for preschool through high school students ages 3-18. Small class sizes make it easy for kids to ask questions and get feedback from teachers. Allschool offers a wide variety of online courses covering lots of interesting topics.

Classes from Allschool are a great way to supplement an existing homeschool curriculum.

Families can also use these classes as elective courses, rewards at the end of a unit of study, or a fun way to extend a child’s learning experience with a unique learning opportunity.

Getting started with the elective options from Allschool is so easy for homeschool families. All parents need to do to get started is to choose a course from one of many available subject areas. The website makes it easy to filter the course listing options by age and grade level, subject area, or date.

Features of Allschool

Search Function – Not only is there a general search bar, but you can also search by time, date, age, subject, and even language. It makes it so easy to find the perfect class on the topic you are looking for.

Easy Enrollment – Once you find the class you are looking for there are often multiple options as to the day and time you can enroll. This makes it so easy to incorporate these classes into your schedule.

Helpful Reminders – Before each class, I received an e-mail reminder that the class was coming up, including all the information, including the link that I would need to attend class.

Fun and Engaging – These classes are small groups, which means kids have plenty of interaction, not only with the teacher but with other students too!

Find a class that works along with what your kids are interested in. Learning about animals? Take a class on animals, they have many different options to choose from just under an animal search.

Maybe you need a little help with elementary math? Find a class for it!

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