Why We Continue to Use Teaching Textbooks

We have been homeschooling for seven years now, and as I get ready to plan out our next year there is one thing that I don’t have to wonder or worry about planning, and that’s math. I already know that we will continue to use Teaching Textbooks in our homeschool.

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Why We Continue to Use Teaching Textbooks

We have been using Teaching Textbooks for four years now and we have a lot of years of using them left. Happily use them.

This is one subject I am happy to outsource to a trusted source. Especially next year when Austin starts Pre-Algebra, I’m already a little panicked and worried that she might need help at some point.

Why I Chose Teaching Textbooks Each Year

I am not strong in math. I never was in public school either. I can confidently do grade three math, but once we start long division, I’m out!

The majority of math curriculums require you to do the teaching. Some are nice enough to give you a scripted teacher book, but they don’t always. But…

Teaching Textbooks doesn’t give you a script to follow. Instead, they do the teaching for you. You really can’t beat that.

It’s affordable. It might not be super high on your list when you are looking for a math curriculum, but an affordable math curriculum for three kids is important. And if you have a larger family they do have family pricing available.

Teaching Textbooks can be used offline for up to six lessons at a time without reconnecting. We live rurally, and in the winter in particular power outages happen often. As a result, Teaching Textbooks can now truly be used anywhere and at any time.

What my Kids Love About Teaching Textbooks

Austin, in the seventh grade, loves that she has the option to print her math lessons off instead of using doing the work digitally. She uses the printed lessons when she is learning a new concept and isn’t quite grasping it.

She also loves that she can take her math and go to her room away from distractions and younger siblings.

Gauge, my third grader, is using Teaching Textbooks for the first year this year, Level 3 is the lowest level available. He feels like he’s more grown-up doing math on the computer like his sisters.

Great Things about Teaching Textbooks

There are so many great things about this digital course. One of them is you can download the app to your phone or tablet, or if it works better for your family, computer.

When you set up the app it’s going to give the option to download lessons for offline use. This is great for traveling, for when the power goes out but your tablet is still charged.

Kids get to set up their learning background with different backgrounds, different interactive buddies, and stickers that just make learning a little more fun for them.

Give Digital A Try

Have you tried using a digital curriculum in your homeschool such as Teaching Textbooks? They have a trial where you can try out the level your child needs. Each free trial is a complete version of their program up through Lesson 15. no credit card info is needed for the trial and there is no expiration date.

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