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Monopoly and Homeschooling

Have you thought about how monopoly could be a great resource for your homeschool? It’s great for getting math, language arts, logic and more completed in one game. Monopoly and homeschooling go hand in hand around here.

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Monopoly and Homeschooling

Somedays no one wants to sit down and do school, I don’t just mean the kids. Sometimes moms don’t feel like sticking to the lesson plan either.

This is when to persuade the children that a family board game such as Monopoly would be a really good plan. They will have no idea that they are being educated as they play, I always think of Monopoly as a homeschool resource.

How can Monopoly count as School?

Kids are counting money and working out how to give change, not fairly advanced maths, but useful life skills. Your kids are going to be dealing with money for the rest of their life, why not start early.

Monopoly can include reading some pretty complex words, way above the suggested reading level of young children. But this is where mom and older siblings come in handy.

For almost-reading children, playing Monopoly takes the place of any formal reading practice that the school lovers would expect him to be doing on a particular day.

They are getting used to all those routine number combinations, which pairs of numbers make 10, how to add or skip count in 50s, and how many lots of 200 in 1000. They are sharpening up their mental maths, mastering numeracy without the boredom and repetition of worksheets.

A monopoly board can introduce and provide practice with complex multiplication and division skills.

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Get the Right Board Game

Unless you have been living under a rock or never ever looked down the board game aisle in the store, you know that there are numerous Monopoly games out there.

For your young elementary kids, there is Monopoly Jr, which is great for kids aged 5 and up. It’s a great introduction, with the money only being in 1s. It’s great basic math practice.

There are more editions of this game than I could list. We have three different versions ourselves. But the one thing that each has is that they make you think in different ways. They each have their own ways to challenge you mentally. Which is what you want in homeschooling.

One we recently bought was the Monopoly Builder Board Game in which you build buildings instead of buying them. Your child is going to have to think about how they want to win. Do they want to own more buildings, or have the most money?

How could you use Monopoly in your homeschool instead of bringing out the math workbooks or language arts text? There are also some great Monopoly math worksheets available on TeachersPayTeachers that you might want to add to your homeschool.

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