Great Learning Resources From RightStart Math

Math isn’t always a favorite subject but it can get better with the right tools. It’s all a matter of finding them, which can be tricky but I’m here to help with that. I found some more great learning resources from RightStart Math that you too can use.

Great Learning Resources From RightStart Math

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Great Learning Resources From RightStart Math

Let’s start at the beginning, where are you going to find these resources? Right on their website. You just have to search for them. I found them when I was clicking around the other day and I couldn’t wait to be able to share all that I found with you.

Resources for the Homeschool Parent

There are a number of pre-recorded webinars to watch. From using RightStart Math in general to using the money games, to encouraging you as a parent-teacher.

There are also helpful videos on doing math, like division. Yes, sometimes parents need a refresher. There are also videos on fractions, geometry, and more.

Teaching Support

Sometimes things happen and you lose pieces you need, or you want another set. Not all the cards are here, but there are some resources here for teaching different levels of RightStart Math. There are also some tips and strategy help as well.

Levels G and H Internet Resources From RightStart Math

I just found this clicking around on their website today. They have internet activities for RS2 Levels G and H, and for Level G of the First Edition.

These activities are broken down into the levels in which you use them. For Level G these are lessons later in the curriculum, and throughout the curriculum for Level H.

Game Apps & AL Abacus App

Want to take the AL Abacus with you? They have an app for that! Available on both iPhone and Android. they also have a few math card game apps you might want to check out for your children to get a little more practice in.

abacuses with text overlay

RightStart Math Songs

Here you can find the links to get the mp3 and sheet music for the songs that you use through the curriculum like Yellow is the Sun, Thirty Days Has September, and Writing Numbers.

Super Saver Option

RightStart also offers a Super Saver option that provides a more pared-down set of manipulatives. With this option, you’ll need to print and prep several more materials, though, too.

As you can see, they really have everything you need, minus someone to do the actual teaching for you. Which is what I really want.

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