I Need A Break from my Homeschoolers

We went from green grass and buds on the trees to a good dumping of snow this week. This kind of weather is a contributing factor to why homeschool parents feel burnt out in February. And why parents are feeling the need to get away from their homeschoolers. The feeling of needing a break from my homeschoolers does not make me a bad mom, it makes me human.

I Need A Break from My Homeschoolers

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I Need A Break from my Homeschoolers

I take a look at your day, and your week. I get up an hour earlier than my kids. I workout and drink so coffee without being interrupted. I recommend this to everyone! That time to wake up on my own terms and have that alone time sets the tone to my whole day.

Trying to take time in the evening to unwind is important too, though I find reading or watching TV in bed is about all I have the energy for in the evening.

Make yourself a little treat for getting through the day:

Find Childcare

Do you have someone that you can switch off childcare with? A friend that would also like some time alone? A friend that you can trade off watching each others kids once a week, or every other week, might give you the break that you need.

If not, finding a babysitter or mother’s helper might be the answer to what you need. Don’t feel bad about doing something for yourself, in the long run, it will be beneficial for your children.

Find A Way to Lighten the Load

Maybe it’s time to stop the lessons for a week and just be mom instead of mom and homeschool mom. Shutting the lesson plan can help relieve some stress.

How about joining a coop? A group where you can have someone else teach your kids once a week, or once or twice a month.

There is a lot of pressure on moms to get everything done. But here’s the thing: we do not have to do it all alone. Get help from your partner. Get your kids involved in helping out around the house. You are raising good, responsible people, teach them how to help out.

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