Learning to Tell Time – Hour and Half Hour Activities

Learning to tell time is a big moment in your child’s life. It can be complicated, and it is easy for little learners to get overwhelmed. Let’s make it fun for them and use hands on learning materials. This set includes four different ways to learn to tell time.

learning to tell time

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There are some good resources for learning to tell time, but I always find that they aren’t quite enough to fully learn how to tell time. Your kids are usually just looking at pictures in a workbook trying to guess what numbers to write. I wanted something more hands on, interactive for my kids.

Learning to Tell Time – Hour and Half Hour Activities

What do you get with this time telling activity?

  • Matching cards.
  • Poke cards.
  • Draw the hands on the clocks.
  • Build a clock.

Printing the pages on thicker paper like cardstock helps with durability. You can also laminate for extra durability, or just because you like to laminate, I tend to laminate everything.

For the poke cards I always recommend making them self-correcting before laminating by making a small mark on the back of the card making the correct hole or place or clipping.

My homeschool kids enjoy just getting cards and games out to play with on their own outside of “homeschool” learning. This set has been a great for them to learn to tell time one their own as they are developmentally ready to learn.

This Learning to Tell Time set is great for math centers or busy work after lessons have been finished. The self-correcting aspects makes them perfect for independent learning.

You just might be surprised how fast they learn when you simply give them the materials and/or tools to learn.

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