Secular Morning Basket Themes

A morning basket is when everyone in the family can come together and learn together about specific subjects. You gather different items together in a basket, or specific area, that is related to a topic that you are learning about in your homeschool. Morning basket themes can be about whatever is interesting to you and your children to themes to go along with your curriculum.

Secular Morning Basket Themes

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What are you learning about in your homeschool right now? We are currently learning about the chicken lifecycle… again, as we hatch more chicken eggs and learn about chicks, just like babies hatch when they want to hatch and not according to a calendar I keep.

Secular Morning Basket Themes

Some homeschoolers like to keep their morning basket themes in keeping with their lessons. So maybe you are learning ancient Rome, that is a great theme for your morning basket! You could have books and videos, maybe some games, that are all about that theme.

Different Themes for your Morning Basket

I like to keep our morning basket books on theme with our lessons, but also with the seasons, or the change of the weather because winter in Saskatchewan hits a lot earlier than winter in Nova Scotia.

Here are some ideas to look over and let your mind think of themes for your secular morning basket:

  • Bugs! If you have little boys in particular, bugs is a great theme for your morning basket
  • holidays – Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, etc.
  • space
  • birds
  • arctic animals
  • farming
  • friendship
  • Earth Day – environment
  • careers – vets, doctors, carpenters, salesmen, truck drivers, etc.
  • travel – maybe each week or each has a different places to learn about and travel to virtually
  • anatomy
  • Black History Month
  • women in history
Secular morning basket

A lot of themes I listed could be based on your lessons, or maybe you want to start planning your lessons based around a theme instead of a curriculum. There is a lot you can learn just during morning time or morning basket time, or whatever you might call it.

Morning basket is amazing for eclectic homeschoolers. It is really about pulling from different resources to teach your kids, multiple ages, from the same resources.

Our current piles of books is about coding, blogging and vlogging, as that is where my kids current interests lay. And coding is a skill they will take with them in the future and maybe find their passion using.

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