Homeschool Mom. Stop Homeschool Burnout

Homeschool mom, you are important. You are the glue that is keeping everything in your house held together and you are burning out. If you have not reached homeschool burnout yet, you are going to, and I don’t want it to end your homeschool, I want you to move on from it.

Take Control of Your Homeschool Mom Burnout

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What Homeschool Burnout Can Look Like

Let’s recognize what burnout looks like. First, it looks different to everyone. What looks like the beginning stages of burnout for your friend, might look different for you. Everyone is at a different stage of life and homeschooling.

  1. You keep saying, or thinking, “I’m so tired”.
  2. Feeling extremely overwhelmed.
  3. Irritability, anger, and resentment can begin to surface.
  4. Experiencing hopelessness or depression.
  5. Thinking about putting your child/ren in public school.

When I feel like any of these, I take a break from school. First and foremost, it is time for a break. If the weather is nice, we’re going to the beach. Find your happy place. Is it soaking in the tub, while your husband is home to watch the kids, do it!

Take Control of Your Homeschool Mom Burnout

It is not going to happen once, and then you’re never going to have it again, sorry.

Look at burnout as a sign. A sign that you might be doing too much, on your own.

  • Find a way to either cut back on what you “have” to do, cut back on teacher-led lessons.
  • Ask for your kids or husband to help you around the house with chores.
  • Lower expectations for how the house looks, or how many hours a day you do school.
  • Limit scheduled activities – one or two a week instead of daily.
  • Get support. Friends that understand what you are going through. Talking to your husband. Even if you have no friends that are homeschooling, find that friend that you can just vent to.
Homeschool Mom Burnout

Avoiding Burnout

You need to remember that you are the homeschool mom. You have to take care of your child’s teacher, of their parent, you.

Find time to take time for yourself. Do what you love. Grab a book from the library and read it. Get up early and exercise.

Now that my kids are getting older it is definitely easier to get me time. BUT there are also more stresses as they get older, like high school credits and college, and I’m going overwhelmed just thinking about four to six years from now.

Dealing with Burnout

I can tell you to do XYZ to avoid burning out but it happens. I get burned out often, and then I load something else on my plate instead of cutting back.

I recently read Burnout and I completely recommend it, and I am not a self-help book reader. It helped me understand my body’s response to stress and what I need to do to work through my cycle of stress. If I’m not going to stop the stress, I can at least learn how to deal with it.

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