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Staying Fit as a SAHM

I have a horrible confession to make. After I lost 15lbs last year, I gained almost all of it back. Because I refused to buy all new summer clothing I need to make some changes. I’m not going to pretend I don’t know how the weight came back, I got stressed and I got lazy. And it is time for this stay at home mom to get and stay fit this time around. Join me in staying fit.

Staying Fit as a SAHM

Staying Fit as a SAHM

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Oh, and I started working on my blog a little more. While not lazy per say, not moving my butt either. Being a stay at home mom doesn’t help much, but is the reason that I really need to get back to staying fit.

So I have started working out. Even if that means just dancing around the kitchen, running up and down the stairs (laundry), or chasing Gauge around the yard in-between blogging tasks.

But I also have some other quick workouts that I rotate between. I get bored doing the same things over and over again, which makes most workout programs tiring after a short amount of time.

The first thing I have done is to admit that I cannot do it alone. I need motivation, I need a way to hold myself accountable. I rejoined Weight Watchers. It worked for me before so I know that it can work again but this time I need to find ways to help my cope with stress in ways other than eating.

My Favorite Workouts include:

*Most of the workouts I enjoy are from one site, so click around the sites some more once you click one of the links below.* I have a small set of weights and a nice yoga mat to go along with these workouts.

  • Work your arms: This one is only 5 minutes.
  • Work your legs: Fit into those skinny jeans.
  • Work your Abs: in less than 10 minutes you’ll be able to feel your abs.
  • For beginners: a 9 minute and a 4 minute workout.

I’m also able to hit the treadmill first thing in the morning thanks to planning. I plan for first thing in the morning, when my kids are watching cartoons and eating breakfast. It also happens to be the coolest in our living room during this time as well. I don’t watch cartoons during this time, or I’d be back off it in minutes, I set my laptop up on a makeshift desk on my treadmill and watch Netflix.

This summer my girls are riding their bikes like pros, this leaves me jogging behind them (pushing Gauge in the stroller) to keep up. A great little in surprise workout at times. And great motivation for me to get fit now before summer.

Where there is a will to exercise there is a way.

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