Ditching Homeschool Mom Guilt

I don’t think we are doing enough in our homeschool. I think we are doing too much. I think we need to skip taking a week off. Do any of those sound familiar? Homeschool mom guilt is strong, it is overwhelming at times.

Ditching Homeschool Mom Guilt

Ditching Homeschool Mom Guilt

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It can also sound like: my child isn’t reading yet, writing cursive, or play piano, etc. Maybe your homeschool mom’s guilt isn’t focused on homeschooling but is about your child being potty-trained, sleeping through the night, etc. The guilt is always there in the back of your mind.

I am deep in the homeschool mom guilt rut. We aren’t going crazy with lessons, they are learning, and I’m not afraid of them falling behind, but the guilt is still there. Why? Because we aren’t doing more, we’re not doing a lot of hands-on learning right now. Because I have a lot on my plate right now, and we’re just living life and then adding schoolwork.

Homeschool mom guilt is often caused by a feeling of failure. As though we are failing our children. Comparison can be a large factor as well. Whether you are comparing to homeschool families you know, or those you see online. Please don’t compare yourself to others, especially those online.

How to Resolve Mom Guilt

There are many ways that you can bring yourself back to feeling like the great mom that you are. You will most likely know what works best for you more than anyone else. But just to refresh your list and maybe give you some new ideas, please refer to the fun ideas below:

Ways to get a little TLC:

  • watch either some TV or a movie, something light funny perhaps
  • talk to someone – your partner, a friend or family member
  • Read a book
  • Take a nap or go to bed early
  • Take a relaxing bath
  • Listen to music, dance around
  • Have a cup of tea or a glass of wine

Self-care isn’t about just taking a bath, it’s about caring about yourself. But maybe that bath is what it takes to relax you for a bit, for your stress level to come down, and for you to see the whole picture. The whole of your homeschool is not just the moment that you are living right now, this day, this week, or this month.

Ditching Homeschool Mom Guilt

Take a Step Back

I find it helpful to keep a periodic log of what we do in our homeschool each month. This gives me something tangible to look at when I feel like we aren’t doing enough. I also take a look through my Instagram to see what we have been doing.

You might not think of a trip to the Zoo as doing homeschool, but that trip leads to them picking up different animal books from the library, which has them learning even more. Or the documentary on XYZ that you watched together.

It’s ok, great even, to take a break from formal lessons, especially if your homeschool lessons are what is causing you to feel guilt, whether you are fighting to get through them, or to just get started. It could be a sign that these are not for you and/or your kids.

Have a homeschool movie day and watch documentaries on the topics you learn about or your kids are interested in. We have been watching a lot of YouTube videos on what it is like to work in a zoo and what you can use a degree in zoology for.

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