The Importance of a Goodnight’s Sleep for Moms

Sleep is not just important for our kids but it is also super important for moms too. While our kids need it for growing, the importance of a goodnight’s sleep for moms is needed for all that mom does. Consider it self-care if you will, getting a good nights sleep.

The Importance of a Goodnight's Sleep for Moms

Getting a Goodnight’s Sleep

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I need sleep. I do not function at all without sleep now. Must be because I have done my time with babies that don’t sleep and am making up for the lack of it for years.

Without sleep it is hard to parent. It is hard to homeschool. It is hard to keep up with my site and shop. Without sleep, everything is harder.

Buying A New Mattress

We recently replaced our old mattress, it was 10 years old and well past time for a new one. If you laid on one side of the bed you had to be careful not to roll right off. It was becoming impossible to get a goodnight’s sleep.

We have needed a new mattress for a long time, but mattresses can be expensive.

We a big Amazon shoppers, which is why I can recommend so many items from them here, because I use them, I love my Prime membership. Which is why we started looking on Amazon for a mattress in a box. Plus, it being delivered to us as we no longer have a truck is really handy.

The mattress we bought is medium firm, which is what my husband, Blake, wanted, me, I like a softer mattress. I ended up topping our mattress up with a 2 inch mattress topper though, and now I am sleeping amazing again. Like, before I had kids even. I am good at falling asleep, not so good at staying asleep, but now I am sleeping in till 7am! Which is huge for me.

Have you seen one of these mattresses delivered? I wish I had taken a picture, and then a video of it decompressing. It is amazing how small they can get. And how fast they open up.

The Importance of a Goodnight's Sleep for Moms

What Happens when Mom Gets a Goodnight Sleep

When mom gets a good nights sleep, there isn’t anything that she can do. Such as:

  • lesson plan
  • execute said lesson plans
  • meal plan like no ones business
  • keep the house
  • keep the tiny humans alive, rather important if you ask me
  • have the ability to enjoy life
  • work her job, side hustle, passion project, etc

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