5 Ways to Make Time to Read for Moms

Am I the only mother with a stack of books that you want to read but you just have no idea how you are going to read them? Making time to read as a mother is part of the impossible, especially if you don’t have a naptime for your kids. Grab one of those homeschool books you have been wanting to read and find some time.

5 Ways to Make Time to Read for Moms

5 Ways to Make Time to Read for Moms

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I’m not the best at grabbing a book, sitting down to read, just me and book, it doesn’t happen very often. Not as often as I would like.

Audio Books

There is nothing wrong listening to a book instead of reading. We have listened to them as a family travelling, and hubby has become a big fan of the driving back and forth to work. PLUS Amazon has Audible where you have access to over 180,000 books!

Read Before Bed

Keep a book beside your bed and for 10 minutes a night read that book you have been waiting to read. Ten minutes is enough to read a chapter or so depending on how fast you read.

Take Book with You

Everywhere you go, take a book. Throw one in your purse or diaper bag, or even in your child’s backpack so you have it as you drive them around. OR download the Kindle app onto your phone, you don’t leave without your phone do you?

Family Quiet Time / Reading Time

Make a some space in your day for reading. Everyone grabs there own book to read or look for the little ones, giving you time to read each day.

Put a Book in the Bathroom

Seriously. This is the only time I can catch a second to myself. Read a paragraph or a section while you take a quick break, and before long, you’ll have made it through a chapter! I also love to read in the tub, it’s my quiet relaxing time once or two a month. Just don’t drop it!

How do you make time to read?


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