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Self-Care Tips During Difficult Times

Self-care is not a one time thing. It is something you need to do often and make time for it. You, mom, are important and need to take time for yourself. There is a lot going on, and whether you have processed it yet, you are definitely shouldering a lot. These self-care tips might just help you deal with everything that is going on right now.

Self-Care During Difficult Times

Self-Care Tips During Difficult Times

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All of these are for you mom. And dad. These are for homeschooling parents, and public school parents. All parents have a lot of pressure on them right now. School, work from home, or a lack of work stress.

Connect with Others

Connect with your people. There are many ways to connect with your people right now even you can’t be with them. Zoom has a free option. There is FaceTime, Skype, and I’m sure more video options. Not to mention texting and calling people.

Get Creative

Use this time for your hobbies. I am working on crocheting through my yarn stash. I have no idea how I ended with so much yarn!

What thing do you enjoy doing but you haven’t had time to do lately with your busy life? I’m sure there is something, maybe just working on reading your huge to be read pile of books.

4 Self-Care tips During Difficult Times

Self-Care Tips for Technology Detox

I saw a post saying that social media usage has gone up 40%. I do not know the data on it, but judging my my usage, I can see it.

Either turn your devices off, turn your wifi off, or just pick a time during the day to not look at your phone, or even have your phone on you. It could make all the difference and help you feel better about in all aspects.

Too much COVID-19 information isn’t good for anyone. Take an information vacation, pick on source for your information and just go with them to avoid getting too much information and contradicting information.

Relax and Process

Sometimes you just need to stop, and do something mindless for yourself so you can relax, relax and process what is going on it. Just a few ideas of things you might want to do:

Self care is going to look different for everyone. I want a hot bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a book. It recharges me, I can lose myself in a great and forget about everything else. You might want to long walk, or take a nap.

Self-Care During Difficult Times