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Homeschool Curriculum on Amazon – What Can You Find

Did you know that you can find a homeschool curriculum on Amazon? I don’t mean just books, though let’s face it, books alone are a wonderful option, one we have used ourselves. But there is curriculum available too.

Homeschool Curriculum on Amazon laptop

Curriculum Options You Can Find on Amazon

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Flash Cards & Other Learning Manipulatives

Some people, some kids, love flashcards. My kids like to use them on their own, to test themselves and each other. We have had a lot of flashcards go through our house from math facts to language skills and spelling cards, to fun facts.

Flashcards can be great for on the go too.

Amazon also has a lot of manipulatives. Things like counting blocks, play money for math, and more.

Workbooks Galore!

Workbooks are a great learning tool, especially for newer homeschoolers. They can give you a really good jumping-off point. They are great for seeing how much your child has learned, and where they might need some more help.

We still use workbooks here in our home. They are great for all the reasons I mentioned above, as well as for those times when I am feeling under the weather and don’t feel like doing full lessons.

Curriculum Options You Can Find on Amazon - Books and textbooks - kindle

Books and Textbooks

If I can’t find a book from the library that we need for our lessons, Amazon is always my next step. And if Amazon doesn’t sell it, I’m going to guess we aren’t going to be using it.

If you follow a more literature-based curriculum or homeschooling style as we do, then books are your best friends. And Kindle is going to save you a lot of space. In fact, Kindle Unlimted might be your best bet for saving space and money in your homeschool.

There are great books like the ones pictured below that can make teaching your kids a little easier too. These books are a lifeline for homeschool parents as their kids get older.

Actual Curriculum!

There is a homeschool curriculum available for you to buy on Amazon. The language art curriculum we use, and love is on there, Grammar Galaxy.

There is more curriculum available on Amazon than you would think. You can find (these are not necessarily secular):

There is really no end to the things that you can find on Amazon for your homeschool. If you are an eclectic homeschool such as we are, you can easily find everything in one place, Amazon, and have a fun unboxing day when everything arrives.

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Homeschool Curriculum on Amazon - laptop