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Donut Place Value Math Center

Does everyone love donuts? They just seem to be more fun than other snack foods. And more fun, means you want it more. This is why I created this donut place value math set. For you to have fun with your learners, while they are learning.

Donut Place Value Math Center

Donut Place Value Math Center

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I like to make learning fun. I wholeheartedly believe that kids learn more, understand more, when they are engaged and having fun. What is more fun than donuts?

Learning place value in math seems like an easy thing, but it can be very confusing for kids. Different columns of numbers,

This math center is great for second, third, and even fourth grade learners. Of course you also have those who do no fall into those grades and are learning place value, have fun with that too!

Students will love using base ten blocks to create the sprinkles on their donuts. Educational and fun.

Included in this set:

There are 3 differentiated response cards and challenge cards for you and your learners.

  • There three black and white donut templates and six different colored donut templates.
  • One page of 100 blocks
  • One page of 10 and 1 blocks

You can use colored paper such as the Astro paper to add a pop of color to your math work. I used this for the base ten blocks so the “sprinkles” were colorful.

I like to use the black and white version, and either color it myself for a little something to do while waiting television, or to have my kids color.

Donut place value - hundreds, tens, ones

Using this Donut Place Value Math Center

Write a number on the response card for your learners to show their work on their donuts, and write in what the H, T, O is in the boxes.

You’ll of course provide them with the hundreds, tens, and ones pieces that I have included.

Create the donuts and the learners show their work writing in what the H, T, O is in the boxes, and writing out the number. Two different cards sets are included.

Let them teach you.

Get creative in teaching your learners. Or, let them teach you. Kids get a kick out of teaching something. It is a great way to see how much they understand and demonstrate their knowledge.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein.

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