A mini donut maker is a very easy appliance to use. They are straightforward enough that you can let your kids make mini donuts. We love making mini donuts around here, it is an easy, fast snack to make any day of the week for a sweet treat.

How to Use a Mini Donut Maker

How to Make Donuts with a Donut Maker

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The first thing you need to do is to decide on how you are going to bake your mini donuts. We only have a mini donut maker, but you can buy trays and bake them in your oven as well. There are a lot of different brand-name donut makers to choose from.

Now, you are going to mix up your mini donut maker recipe. Could be the vanilla simple mini donuts, or maybe some chocolate mini donuts, or live on the wild side, and make both! Both are very easy to make.

You don’t have to use one of these recipes though, you can use almost any mini donut recipe in your donut maker.

Chocolate Mini Donut Maker Recipe

Making a Piping Bag to Make Mini Donuts

I make a piping bag out of a Ziploc bag. Put the corner of the bag into a large mug, fold the open bag open over the mug. I pour or scrape my mini donut batter into the Ziploc bag.

Making Mini donuts

You can seal the bag but you don’t have to, but make sure to squeeze the air out of the top of the bag. Twist the bag above the batter.

Making Mini donuts

Snip the corner off. Not too big, or you’ll have too much batter into your mold, too small, and you risk popping your bag. I have finally managed to find find the perfect size.

How to Make Donuts in Donut Maker

Preheat your donut maker. Each donut maker is going to be different. Read your instructions to see how exactly your appliance works.

Now that you have your mini donut recipe batter ready to go you can make mini donuts.

Make sure to a non-stick spray before you fill your molds.

I pipe my batter into my preheated donut maker molds. This allows me to easily fill the molds with my batter without overfilling and making a mess and to make sure they are completely filled.

Mine has two little lights on the top. Orange and green. When I plug my appliance in the orange light comes on. It turns green when it is preheated. When I fill and then close my mini donut maker the orange light is the only one on. The green light will come on when my mini donuts are ready to be removed.

I use a spoon to kind of scoop the donuts out of the molds onto a cooling rack.

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