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Multiplication Booklets for Math Practice

These multiplication booklets are perfect for learning multiplication from the beginning. Math comes super easy for some kids, they just pick it right up while others need a little more practice. There is nothing wrong with needing a little more practice and making practice a little fun, or creative help.


Multiplication Booklets for Math Practice

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I have a fourth-grader who has been learning multiplication over the last couple of years, and she’s doing great with it, but she hasn’t memorized it. She enjoys telling me she hates multiplication even though she’s quite good at it.

I also have a second grader who has started to learn multiplication and is super eager to learn. These multiplication math books have been a great way for her to learn from the beginning.

Both of my girls lead to my making these helpful multiplication booklets for both introducing multiplications and helping with memorizing the facts from 2-12. I hope they’ll have your learners too.

Teaching Multiplication Facts

Teaching multiplication to your kids can be super easy, or super frustrating. Or both. Some days it is both. Yesterday it was both. I drank a lot of coffee getting throughout math lessons.

There are moments when everything is clicking along, they are understanding it easily, and loving it, loving that they are understanding their math. Those are the best. But for the other times, we have hands-on learning resources to help out.

How to use these Multiplication Booklets

I created these booklets to give my kids a chance to practice more, and to learn! I laminated them to be able to reuse them again and again with dry-erase markers.

These are great for use in math centers in both your public/private school classroom and your homeschool class. Or for extra help and practice. My kids can grab them whenever they feel like practicing.

Sometimes it takes putting the math curriculum aside and doing something different.

Switching how you teach can make all the difference. Looking at a page in a workbook could be daunting for a child who lacks confidence.

Let’s find a way to teach them and practice skills and concepts in a less formal way.

You might also be interested in these bookmark-style multiplication cards 1-12. We have these on a ring clip for us to flip through at any time.

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